The Kitty Files

In addition to travel, I am an animal enthusiast. I love all things living. For some reason, every city I have ever gone to, a cat has come to visit. In Paris, we were eating at multiple restaurants and cats would come and sit with us at our dining table.  After the 5th city of realizing it was a “thing”, I decided to start documenting the cats as they came through. The kitty below looks like my cat in Atlanta, Mr. Cheeks that came to see us in Rome, Italy. A pretty great place to be a cat, if you ask me!

The Kitty Files Rome pic 4 1024x681

In Greece, dogs and cats are everywhere. Most are well taken care of, spayed or neutered and living around and being fed by locals. The are in the bars, the airport ( yes, we even saw one in the airport just running around) and they even will follow you back to your hotel. It was lovely, but since they are all outdoor animals, I wanted to get out the shampoo and bathe them! Its is truly amazing how they all coexist- for as many as you see, you don’t hear a ton of barking and yo never see them fighting.


The Kitty Files BAR 5104 1024x684







Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties..
W.L. George

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